Your Maternity Portrait Session

Pregnancy  portraits in the privacy and comfort of our Worcestershire portrait studio near Broadway.

Maternity portrait

Beautifully simple. The trick creating sensitive materinty portraits is to be subtle and to remember it is not all about the bump.

You will feel that the day that your baby will arrive cannot get here soon enough, and before you know it, your pregnancy experience is over.  Just how will you recall all of the little details? Put aside the morning sickness you will want to remember babies little kicks the tumbling rolls, the glow in your skin and the joy in your eyes. You will want to remember the way an older sibling puts his or her ear to your tummy. A maternity portrait session is the perfect way to capture the wonder of this unique time and remember it forever!

It is best that your maternity portrait session takes place between weeks 31 and 36. Your tummy may be too small before then.

We will discuss in the pre-portrait session, the look and style of the portraits you would like. Will you be clothed during the session? Perhaps you will prefer to be semi nude or nude?  Do you like the idea of using beautiful fabrics to accentuate your form and hide any areas of your body that you would rather not be in the portraits?

A couple of hours before your session please replace any clothing or accessories with elasticated fitting for loose items;  bras, pants with elastic waistbands and socks can leave marks on your skin that will show up on your pictures. They can actually take a couple of hours to disappear!

Many clients choose to go natural or topless, a nice set of underwear combined with an open blouse or your partners shirt creates a sensitive and natural feel to your portrait. We have a selection of gorgeous fabrics that look very classical and will help you to feel comfortable.

If nude or semi nude is not your cup of tea, then perhaps wear a fitted top that accentuates your form. Maternity jean can look a little unflattering but you could bring your everyday jeans (unzipped if necessary) and combine them with a t shirt to show of your bump. Jeans also looks great with a nice bra or bikini top and open shirt.

If someone else will be joining you in the session we advise to select clothing and accessories that do not distract from the main subject: your belly. Wear darker clothing, avoid clothing with writing or patterns, remove watches and remove shoes and socks.

You may have an item of importance such as a family heirloom, a baby blanket for example, that you would like to include in your portraits. A gift from a friend or a cute pair of ‘baby’s first’ shoes you just couldn’t resist.

Don’t forget your make-up for any touch ups during the photography session. A brush or comb for your hair and if you are opting to wear clothes please bring a couple of different options. Your hands will be in the pictures, so consider a manicure, or trim your nails at home. This applies to toes as well. Please consider moisturising your elbows or feet however your belly is best left natural as some moisturisers can become highly reflective. Don’t worry if you have any stretch marks, this is very natural, and we can retouch them from your pictures.

 To sum up:

  • Book your maternity session for between 31-36 weeks.
  • You are free to choose how much or little clothing you want to wear.
  • You are more than welcome to include family members in your shoot.
  • All your images will be sensitively re-touched to enhance your natural beauty.

Hopefully,  we have answered most of your questions here regarding maternity sessions but do feel free to call us on 01386 853 028 if you have any further queries.